About Trace Evidence

Hau Forensics can help you to potentially link a crime suspect and victim to a mutual location. Examples of trace evidence include glass, paint, fibres and drugs.

Trace evidence, such as glass, paint and fibres, can help to prove that a person was present at a scene, as if a glass object or painted surface was damaged or physical contact between two people’s clothing, microscopic fragments may have been transferred to clothing worn by that person.

Drugs Analysis and Trace Evidence

Trace evidence can repudiate a defence statement; link scenes; link suspects to the same scene; and link a suspect to a specific time and position.

Hau Forensics can analyse circumstantial evidence to provide a supporting or opposing opinion, including proof that a fragment on a person’s clothing does not match that from a scene. It can also show that the fragment matches, but is so common in nature that the meaning of the match is not as significant as the other side suggests; or that it matches but is from a third party object or person (a pseudo match); or that it matches, but on the balance of probability comes from contact with another individual who was present (secondary transfer).

The traces of drugs, however small, on skin or other items can be interpreted as an indication of a criminal lifestyle, and give law enforcement the power to seize possessions under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (c.29) (POCA). It is often in the interest of the defence to review the prosecution’s assertions relating to drugs on money, as the presence of drugs does not necessarily confirm the source, or the activity of the defendant.

Hau Forensics has many years of multi-jurisdictional experience in interpreting drug contamination of banknotes; and has been involved in numerous cases where it has been a vital consideration. In addition, we can also analyse and report on traces of drugs found on items, for example, weighing scales, mobile phones, wallets and purses, cars, boats and aeroplanes. Furthermore, the purity levels and produce drug profiles can be confirmed.

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