About Parentage Testing

Hau Forensics Biological Trace services cover the full range of human body fluids and tissues, which could be transferred through contact between people or onto clothing, weapons and other items.

An unique partnership with a well established laboratory in the field of genetics and relationship testing ensures that Hau Forensics is at the forefront of paternity testing services in UK and other countries.

Hau Forensics uses DNA profiling techniques to identify who is likely to be the biological father of a child, or who is simply related to whom, is a procedure increasingly common in paternity court cases, criminal investigations and immigration proceedings.

We perform DNA Testing and assist the Family Courts to help establish the legitimacy of the child or person in question. All Family Court Judges in England will be able to order DNA testing to determine a child's paternity from September 2015.

It's also possible to request from a competent laboratory, such as Hau Forensics, for a DNA paternity test. For example when a parent has made an application to Child Maintenance Services for maintenance for their child and parentage is disputed.

Additionally, Hau Forensics Parentage Testing is also used in immigration enquiries and criminal investigations where even the smallest traces of DNA deposit have potentially significance as evidence.

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