Hau Forensics provides a wide range of independent forensic DNA services for Criminal, Defence, Industry, Civil law and Private cases.
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Welcome to Hau Forensics

Hau Forensics is an expert, independent provider of forensic science expertise within UK and overseas. Our forensic scientists have enormous amount of expertise and casework experience, from both a police and a defence perspective. This varied and comprehensive expertise is also offered to our private and industrial clients. The work of forensic providers or in-house police experts acting for the prosecution needs to be reviewed in order to assess quality, whether or not the evidence is fit-for-purpose and whether scientifically robust.

If you have a case, however small, large or complex, that requires an impartial and expert second opinion on all the forensic aspects within the criminal justice, including expert testimony for both prosecution and defence, Hau Forensics promises to go the extra mile. We will provide the best service that's expected from a professional and highly respected team of Forensic Scientists.
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Expert, Independent & Impartial

Hau Forensics specialises in Blood Pattern Analysis, sexual offences, DNA profiling and forensic research. Our experts are articulate and highly motivated forensic scientists with a demonstrated track record of achieving results within varied roles, requiring precise levels of accuracy and interpretation delivered within stringent control environments.

Hau Forensics has provided forensic services to many high profile cases such as the 'Ipswich Prostitute Murders, The Jigsaw Murder, Dismembered Kim Newson, The Law Hill Murder' as well as other cases that required the use of our forensic services. For example, Biological Traces, DNA Profiling Analysis, Blood Pattern Analysis (BPA), Parentage Testing, Firearms Investigations, Computer, CCTV & Mobile Analyses, Contact Traces (The examination of glass and paint, building debris, CS, irritants, drugs purity and comparisons etc).

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