About DNA Profiling Analysis

The advance and use of DNA analysis in forensic science has contributed immensely to the detection of crime.

Hau Forensics is an independent provider of forensic science expertise in the UK and oversea. We consult on an extended range of forensic DNA techniques covering all routine and specialist DNA analyses. We can also offer the complementary analysis of DNA in body fluid stains or in hairs, skin flakes, garments as well as a wide range of other items and surfaces.

DNA profiling & forensic uses of DNA analysis

DNA Profiles can be obtained from non-visible traces of DNA, for example from sweat and skin flakes on the inside of garments and footwear where the wearer may be in doubt, from tools, drinking vessels and discarded cigarette ends or from anything else that may have been touched during the course of an incident and of potential relevance to an investigation.

Hau Forensics also consults on scientific results from samples of DNA, however small, mixed or degraded these might be.

DNA profiling/analysis and the interpretation of DNA profiles, in a forensic context, are extensively used in both the detection and prosecution of crime, as well as to help pursue private and industrial enquiries.

Due to the increasing sensitivity and the power of detection of minute traces of DNA using state of the art forensic science techniques, there is a need to consider all the circumstances surrounding how the DNA was collected and the profile obtained becomes ever more significant. In addition and often more crucially, when and how that DNA could have been deposited onto the surface tested, is of major importance.

Hau Forensics scientists have enormous amount of expertise and casework experience, from both a police and a defence perspective, in the application of DNA profiling. This DNA analysis expertise is also offered to our private and industrial clients.

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