Our List of Forensic Services

Hau Forensics services are listed below. We are a leading independent team of Forensic Scientists that provide cost-effective, quality, accredited forensic services for legal prosecution, legal defence and private clients.

Biological Traces

Biological trace evidence refers to samples of biological material such as hair, tissue, bones, teeth, blood, semen or other bodily fluids. Hau Forensic's service is to evidence items containing biological material.

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Blood Pattern Analysis, Blood Spatter (BPA)

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA) or Blood Spatter. BPA is the interpretation of bloodstains at a crime scene to recreate the event for the criminal court system.

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DNA Profiling Analysis

DNA profiling analysis and the interpretation of DNA profiles for both the detection and prosecution of crime, as well as to help pursue private and industrial enquiries.

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Parentage Testing

DNA paternity testing is the use of DNA profiling (known as genetic fingerprinting) to determine whether two individuals are biologically parent and child.

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