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Forensic science is a means of applying scientific methods and processes for solving crimes. Forensic science has been used for hundreds of years to solve crimes and to convict or exonerate crime suspects. Advancements in forensic science and the latest scientific innovations have produced a very complex study, especially in the disciplines of DNA and trace evidence. The study of forensic science uses fundamental concepts and techniques that are combined from natural sciences, in particular broadly speaking, biology, physics and chemistry for recognition, identification, and evaluation of physical evidence.

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Great teamwork at a crime scene is essential, and we are highly experienced and versed in working alongside other forensic specialists and specialist law enforcement teams. Our dedicated group of forensic science experts are qualified and skilled in a range of disciplines. We provide a professional, reliable, efficient & effective personal 24/7 service, where urgency is our specialty without compromise. We are independent and impartial with a professional code of conduct.

Dr Peter Hau

Founder and Managing Director

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Dr Hau is incredibly passionate about forensic science, and it has been his life’s work to develop new and innovative methods, through his groundbreaking research, resolving to solve forensic crimes and ultimately help the CJS to deliver “justice for all”.

About our Founder and Managing Director

Dr Hau graduated from Manchester University with a BSc (Hons) in Biology in 1984 and was awarded a postgraduate PhD in Forensic Science after studying part time at the University of Strathclyde, Forensic Science Unit between 1995 and 2002 whilst practising forensic science in Scotland.

He is an extremely accomplished forensic scientist with 30 years operational experience and a specialised lecturer who is used to working in a variety of professional fields alongside police officers, lawyers, barristers and fellow forensic scientists on high profile cases. Dr Hau is highly analytical and logical and consistently performs well under pressure to meet tight deadlines at all times; is vastly experienced in working in environments where strict protocols are adhered to and follows policy and procedures vehemently.

During his 30 years as an operational forensic scientist he has applied the application of all aspects of forensic biology in the investigation of violent crime and offences against the person within both the English and Scottish legal systems. He specialises in Blood Pattern Analysis, sexual offences, DNA profiling and forensic research. Dr Hau is an articulate and highly motivated forensic scientist with a demonstrated track record of achieving results within varied roles, requiring precise levels of accuracy and interpretation delivered within stringent control environments.

During his career, Dr Hau has dealt with a number of high profile cases of national concern and presented expert testimony in court, both in England & Wales and Scotland (e.g. Operation Sumac (“The Suffolk prostitute murders” –2006-2008), Operation Abnet (“The Jigsaw Murder” – 2009), Operation Albatross (the murder and dismemberment of a pregnant teenage girl from Lincoln - 2003), “The Law Hill murder” (the dismemberment of a lonesome male) – 1993).

Dr Hau has received several Commendations/awards from Suffolk Constabulary and the High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire for his contribution to the investigation into the murders of the five prostitutes in Ipswich (Operation Sumac) between October 2006 and February 2008.


Dr Hau has received several commendations/awards from Suffolk Constabulary and the High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire for his contribution to the investigation into the murders of the five prostitutes in Ipswich (Operation Sumac) between October 2006 and February 2008.

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Dr Hau's Forensic experience (1987 - 2018)

From 1987-2018, Dr Peter Hau was employed by:

• ICI Cellmark Diagnostics performing DNA Fingerprinting and forensic DNA profiling;

• Tayside Police to set up a new DNA profiling Laboratory along with a colleague within its forensic lab and then headed the new facility whilst trained in all aspects of forensic biology;

• The Lothian and Borders Police as a DNA Section Leader to set up another new DNA profiling Laboratory;

• The Forensic Science Service as a senior forensic reporting scientist. During this time period he also supervised numerous MSc students carrying out forensic research projects.

• In the latter part of his career Dr Hau worked as a Senior Lecturer in Forensic Science at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. He has lectured in forensic science to MSc, Undergraduate and Pre-Undergraduate students and devised a new MSc course in Forensic Genetics/DNA profiling.

• More recently Dr Hau worked for Hayward Associates providing forensic consultancy for the defence and then lectured in forensic science at Tresham College and Peterborough Regional College whilst practising as a Forensic Consultant for Hau Forensics.

A summary of Dr Hau’s forensic science expertise includes:

• The interpretation of blood patterns at crime scenes on clothing and weapons.

• The recovery of trace evidence; directing and conducting detailed laboratory work on exhibits/productions and samples, including body fluids, including blood, semen and saliva

• DNA analysis including STR/SGM+ and the interpretation of complex DNA mixtures

• the interpretation of damage to clothing and other items, including comparison of weapons to damage to clothing

• The recovery, examination and analysis of hairs and the evaluation of hair evidence

• Interpretation and assessment of the significance of scientific findings in the context of the case

• Preparation and presentation of both written and oral evidence to the Courts of Law

Dr Peter Hau is a chartered Biologist and is the author of a several published peer reviewed scientific papers and is in the process of publishing two more scientific papers relating to important casework empirical data following ground breaking research. He has delivered presentations and seminars to audiences in Europe, the USA and Asia.

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