Firearms and Ballistic Investigations

This service provides the identification of weapons and ammunition, and the reconstruction of shooting scenes. As like many other forensic disciplines, firearms evidence can provide vital evidence to Criminal Justice System.

Firearms analysis is a complex matter and expert views can differ, rendering it prudent to review the work of forensic providers or in-house police investigators working for the opposition of a case, especially when considering scene-of-crime evidence.

Our quality-driven expertise includes:

• Weapon and ammunition identification and classification, under current firearms legislation;

• Assessment of weapon condition, including the potential for accidental discharge;

• Determination of trajectory and range of fire, including:

• Scene examination and reconstructions;

• Comparison of cartridge cases and bullets from a scene or body, to establish use of a particular firearm;

• Cold case reviews.

Hau Forensics welcomes clients from UK police forces and military forces, as well as the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), but this list is not exhaustive.

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